New Brighton Community Centre


New Brighton Community Centre The centre offers a place where all members of the community from young to old, can meet for various activities. All too often it's the only such place available in our community. It's where members of the community tend to gather for group activities, social support, public information, and other purposes, and is open for the whole community

Help us But there's one big problem. All too often we have very little outside financial assistance, which can limit the role we can play in the community. So we are asking the residents of New Brighton to support the trustee's efforts to ensure we can keep providing and expanding on our current activities by donating as little as £2 from each community member, which can make such a huge difference.
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Using the Community Centre Even run by volunteers, they have expenses, which along with the fabric of the building, maintenance and general running costs, are all needed to keep the facilities in place. If you're organising a meeting of some kind, or an event, use the community centre and pay for it. That way you're helping to keep it going. You could also arrange a fundraiser to bring funds directly into the coffers of the community centre. That helps keep it going. You could also Donate or volunteer to join the committee running the community centre, giving your time and expertise to keep it thriving.

From a free computer suite with advice and job search support to lunch clubs and everything in between, the community centre is the focal point of the community. We have conducted surveys appealing to a broader cross-section of the community, and will continue to do this, we know we could do more and your ideas are very welcome.

We urge local groups and businesses to make better use of the centre which will help it continue to be vibrant and recognised by the community as a meeting point, that's somewhere central and alive.

Planning and the Community Centre We have a vision for its role, and plans on ways to expand that role in the future. Should you wish to view our business plan, please call into the centre. As communities change, and they always do, we should change with them. Our current services and activities, offer a safe place for people to come together.

All these current activities and our plans are deigned to help bring the community centre closer to the real heart of the community.

Donate via PayPal If you have a PayPal account, you can donate to us via this method instead. It is a much quicker process if you have an account with PayPal already and saves you entering in personal information for another service. It does however mean the amount you donate that is given to us is lower than the BTMyDonate alternative. Please consider using BTMyDonate prior to donating, but if you really only want to use PayPal instead, you can do so here: