New Brighton Community Centre

Vision, Mission & Objectives


  • To be a successful community hub, delivering services to the local community, reflecting its needs and aspirations for the benefit of all
  • To continue to support the local community by providing first class facilities for a range of activities


  • Continue to be a sustainable, viable Community Centre
  • Provide a welcoming, safe environment for community services
  • Provide and co-ordinate local services that encourage, support and contribute to the health and well-being of local residents
  • Maintain and develop the facilities for such provisions
  • Develop and work with local partners and affiliated organisations
  • Provide a focal point for the development of community activities and support community cohesion


The Trustees aim to continue the Centres contribution to the local community. Furthermore it will:
  • Develop a sustainable and viable business
  • Maintain and develop excellent facilities to deliver services
  • Develop and build links and working relationships with partners and affiliated organisations that also seek to serve the community's needs
  • Manage the Centre on behalf of User Group representatives and local residents, to provide facilities for a wide range of recreation and community activities for the benefit of residents in the New Brighton area
  • Arrange for the affiliation of the Trustees to any bodies established for charitable purposes only and having objectives similar to those of the Trustees
  • Expend monies raised from any source for the furtherance of these objectives
  • Do all such things as appear to the Trustees to be necessary in the pursuance of these objectives
Key objectives that the Trustees will achieve:
  1. Increase revenue to fund service priorities and ensure longevity
  2. Attract grants and other funding
  3. Increase occupancy rates
  4. Deliver customer satisfaction
  5. Maintain NBCC and its equipment
  6. Develop partnerships and community centre networks